www.B2Bsee.com Screensaver program

With B2B and Business RSS feeds

Download this screensaver now and get the latest B2B and Business news

This screensaver can deliver news to your screen while your PC is Idle. You can install it by copying the B2B Screensaver SCR file to your windows system32 folder or using the additional install program.

The downloaded file is a ZIP file which contains the SCR file and the installer EXE file and a PAD file for software distribution sites to use.

The Screensaver displays inspirational views of Earth

B2B screensaver screenshot

You can view a particular news iten by pressing the F2 key on your keyboard and scroll through the news items using the up and down cursor keys.

The RSS feeds can be changed in the Screensaver properties

B2Bsee Screensaver properties

B2B screensaver properties

Click on the RSS button

Changing RSS feeds

RSS properties

Click here to download the B2B Screensaver ZIP file.

Please note as this Screensaver accesses the internet to fetch the latest news you may get a warning from any firewall or antivirus software you have installed, this is normal.

You may give away the screensaver yourself, there are no restrictions.