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Outdoor Display Advertising And Your Business

In a digital age, where a majority of companies choose to advertising on the internet, a big dispute is whether or not there is still a need for paper advertising material such as leaflets where you could send an email, magazine adverts when you could use PPC or banner ads, or press mentions when you could write a guest blog.  One kind of advertising, a type of marketing that we see every day, that people seem to overlook is outdoor media.

Outdoor media is everywhere, from the side of the bus we travel on to the large posters we drive past to the decorated phone booth we walk past.  There is also promotional outdoor marketing such as give-aways and samples given out in a busy place such as a train station or shopping centre.  Many businesses do display advertising at exhibitions as well, to target people specifically interested in their industry or those that may benefit from their products or services.

Outdoor media in public spaces is intended for impact and to get people on the street talking about your business and your products and services, but how can you see if your outdoor advertising is working?  One way is to simply ask for consumer’s feelings on your marketing, or if the advert displays a web address or social media campaign if there’s an increase in traffic and/or activity.  If you need to attract telephone leads from your outdoor advertising, as many businesses are realising that conversions are often better from phone calls than from clicks, can you see if a phone call has originated from your outdoor marketing? By creating a unique number specific to that advert and utilising call tracking technology you can measure the amount of calls and the amount of revenue made as a result of your advert, and the Return On Investment of your outdoor media.