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Call Tracking And Pay Per Call Marketing

Pay Per Call is a relatively new way of paying for marketing, compared to the better known Pay Per Click system, and the amount of warm leads and sales gained from a Pay Per Call advertising campaign ought to be monitored as much as from any other marketing channel.  Call tracking technology is a cost and time effective method of monitoring your advertising campaigns; giving you a broader look at the ROI you are getting with your marketing budget.  

Pay Per Click, or PPC, is where your advert appears on a sponsored area of a search engine or website, and you pay that host for each time someone clicks onto the advert that takes them to your site.  The idea behind PPC is that you only pay for when viewers are actively expressing interest in your business, and not just when they see your advertisment.  PPC advertising also only come up on search engines when an individual searches a keyword or phrase relevant to your business, for example if someone searched ‘broken washing machine Bristol,’ a plumbing firm in the Bristol area might well appear. 

As with any marketing system, there are some obvious flaws.  People that click on your advert might well just be browsing and have no intention of actually buying there and then, such as someone looking at an estate agent’s website when considering purchasing a home in a few year’s time.  Someone clicking on your PPC advert might be a rival looking for inspiration for their own company and getting you to pay for the pleasure!  It is even subject to abuse, with competitors able to click your advert repeatly, quickly and easily, using up your marketing budget with no Return On Investment.

Pay Per Call is often seen as a fairer and more cost effective method of paying for CPA marketing.  A set criteria is established to determine when you are charged for a call.  Sometimes you pay for any call to a number from your advertisment, and in some cases you are only charged for a call of a significant length to this number.  Paying for a call of a significant length, for example six minutes, means you only pay for a telephone lead with more potential where the caller has spent longer asking about your product or services, than a lead where they spent only ten seconds asking where you are based or what your starting price is before hanging up.  There are sometimes situations where you only pay for the advertisment when it definitely leads to a sale, and this is often more for affiliate marketing.

A recent study by Harris Interactive showed that 54% of people want some human contact before making a significant investment, and phone calls have a much greater conversion rate than a website visit, so Pay Per Call systems means you are paying for enquires much more probably to lead to sales.

The success of a Pay Per Call marketing campaign can be gauged by a call tracking service in the same way that a PPC can.  Every visitor to your site is given an individual telephone number, and you can track website activity, then call activity, and when and if the call progresses to a sale.  This means you can evaluate the cost efficiency of a Pay Per Call advertising campaign, to see whether the ROI is high enough to justify the campaign.  If your advert is leading to calls of significant duration, but none of these calls are leading to sales, a call tracking system allows you to find the source of the problem, whether that is your front line staff, which key words and phrases you are targeting, the content of your site or just the advert’s lay out and wording.

Integrating your website analytics and call tracking technology can give you a constructive insight into your customer’s needs and buying patterns, giving you the potential to cut inefficient marketing and increase your business’s ROI.